Marvel Business Solutions is committed to provide you with top notch document and back office support. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, efficiency, and understanding.

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Our Staff

All of our staff are FDCPA certified professionals. Therefore, our company does not deal in any unfair, abuse practices and deceptive ways while collection of debts. We follow major debt collection laws to make our staff proficient in their job profile. Our stringent recruitment process includes selection of professionals with highly qualified education.

Methodology to Our Success

Our clients feel that they are dealing with our firm, not with a bunch of unrelated individuals. We ensure consistency in communication and to achive the same we've created many templates of memos, email messages, letters, and other communication we expect to have with the client. This ensures a level of consistency among the various missives they receive from us.

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Specific to each client, we' create a flowchart to show what information is needed at each step of the process and the order of steps along the way. We make this available to our staff and require them to use it. We do this by collaborating with client's staff for each process we work on. Both our office and client continually refer to this chart to make sure we are working in a consistent way.